Why Should Secondary School Children Go to Tuition Centres?

Think of when you were a child and recall how you felt about school. Younger students may feel joy about seeing their friends again and encountering new faces. Others may feel a little apprehension about school subjects they do not do well in. In the latter’s case, years of studying their subjects and not doing well in them may affect their perception of school. They might grow to fear them. You can help them do better in many ways– one of them is by sending your children to a learning centre in Singapore.

If your child is having trouble catching up in school, it does not necessarily mean your child is slow, not paying attention in class, or may have learning disabilities. Not every student thrives in a classroom setting. For subjects like maths, sciences, and more, the topics are hard to grasp because they are abstract. Your children might need the helping hand of someone more experienced to help them through their difficulties.

Classes are a crucial part of your child’s learning, but focusing solely on those classes and hoping for the best does not result in the best outcome. They might fail to grasp their lessons. They might fail their graded works because of their inability to grasp the subject. If this happens, their academic performance may suffer.

Their failures have dire consequences on their prospects. Even as early as secondary or primary school, higher education institutions look at a student’s past performance and check if they are eligible for entrance. When you badly want your child to enter a great school, you should find ways to increase their odds of achieving better grades. Not many choices are better than sending them to secondary school science tuition centres, for example, or any tuition centre for the subjects they find challenging.

How do you know your children need a learning centre visit?

Breaking the news to your child that they may need to go to a tuition centre is the easy part. The hardest challenge is figuring out when to send your children there. Sometimes a student is not forthcoming about their school life details with their parents, especially if they struggle in class. They may feel pressured about their situation or they may feel like they will get punished for their bad performance.

Early on, you must establish an open communication line with your child. If your child trusts you, it might be easier to tell if they have troubles in school because they will tell you. You might even be able to sit down and suggest a few options for helping them improve their academic performance, including enrolling in tuition learning centres.

But if you have not done this and you suspect your child may have something to hide regarding their subjects and their performance, do not berate them for ‘lying’ or hiding something from you. Scolding them because of academics will only result in your child losing faith in you and increase their resentment for the subject.

Instead, keep an open mind and observe how your child reacts when you talk to them about their school performance. Sometimes you can still see clues of how well they do in certain subjects than others if you pay attention. For example, if they regard one subject with disdain and refuse to talk about it, consider it a warning sign.

Another warning sign you can look out for is their markings in past subjects. What do their old report cards say about their subjects? If they have grades that are significantly higher in other subjects than others, they may have trouble with the subjects earning lower grades. A tutor from a learning centre in Singapore may help them figure out the problems they may have with the topic.

Why does your child need to enrol in a tuition centre in secondary school?


If your situation is more serious, do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher to determine whether your child needs help with their subjects. In today’s world, where many people join the job market each year, you want the best for your child as they continue their educational journey.

Tuition centres give students a ‘pre-learning’ journey that helps them practise the topics beforehand before they are taught in school. For example, if there are any difficult maths concepts that your child fails to grasp, but are on the curriculum for the next few weeks, you can get a tutor who can explain the topic to them before they get to the subject. This will give your child ample time to study.

Another perk is that a good learning centre in Singapore can prepare your child for examinations, for example, the PSLE or College entrance exams abroad. Explore your options to know more.

Your child will also have an intimate study session with their instructor. By ‘intimate’, we mean that you can get one-on-one sessions or small group study sessions as opposed to the huge classes that many classroom-style teachings often provide.

And speaking in general terms, it is even more important if your child is entering secondary school, as they are one step closer to college, uni, and eventually, their career paths. When your career is at stake, you need to invest everything you have to secure a future. Consider the long-term impact they may have. The expenses of tuition learning centres are worth it.

You shouldn’t let your child experience too many challenges in their learning journey. Aid them in becoming one of the finest minds of their generation! The Junior Learners Learning Centre is a tuition centre located in PasirRis. Check out their website for more information on how you can get lessons for your children’s subjects.