Success Through Literacy: Why Kids Should Learn English As Early As Now

Gaining a skill at a young age is always preferable, especially when you choose to learn English in Singapore. Aside from being a universal language, kids can benefit from it in many ways.

However, a sudden shift in the language of communication might make things difficult for children to handle. As a result, enrolling in an English language school in Singapore can help students adapt to everything they find unfamiliar.

Here are some reasons they should jumpstart this learning as early as possible.

Why Your Child Should Learn English Early

1. Improve their vocabulary

One of the primary benefits of teaching your child the English language at an early age is to broaden their vocabulary. They can easily grasp reading and writing through a phonics class in Singapore.

Phonics can begin when a child has mastered all the letters in the alphabet and typically occurs at ages 3 and 4. It uses an engaging and multi-sensory method to teach reading and writing, vocabulary instruction, understanding, and the beginnings of spelling in an engaging and hands-on manner.

2. Progress quickly

Early exposure to the English language can help students progress more quickly in school. It can be used to brush up on previously unstudied material or to grasp more complex ideas. When they learn English in Singapore schools, they will get to challenge themselves early.

3. Write effectively

Since English taps into vocabulary, grammar, syntax and spelling, they will find writing and forming sentences easier. They can get the chance to join a creative writing class for kids where they develop the ability to know how to express themselves.

Programmes like essay writing in Singapore include writing stories and narratives that enhance their logical thinking.

4. Improve their ability to communicate

In addition to learning to speak and write in English, kids also learn new ways of thinking and expressing themselves. Multiple languages can help them improve their ability to interact in any language.

By attending English language school in Singapore, they discover more about language structure and how to converse with others.

5. Speak comfortably

If you picked up the language late in life, you’ve probably realised how difficult it is to pronounce words correctly. Early exposure will help them find it easier to understand English and be able to use it until they’re in college. A solid foundation is necessary if you don’t want them to have difficulty keeping up with their classmates.

6. Open doors for the future

Early learning of the English language can help them get a leg up on the competition by sharpening the kind of transferable skills that many employers value.

It is because studying a second language helps people build new learning abilities. These learning abilities can be useful in various settings, including the classroom and the workplace.

How to Identify the Right English Language School


Every youngster may learn the English language with the correct supervision and assistance. It is necessary to find the right place to learn English in Singapore. To succeed, students need a safe place; these are a starting point for further development.

1. Check the curriculum for classroom instruction

The prospect of mastering the skills necessary to communicate effectively in a foreign language is very appealing. Before applying to an English language school in Singapore, ask if they have an up-to-date curriculum.

For primary and secondary children, the school should be able to teach them the essentials of English, such as:

  • Vocabulary building
  • Oral communication
  • Writing techniques
  • Word recognition
  • Thematic vocabulary

Each syllabus calls on your child to read with inference, write expressively, and speak eloquently in the oral exams. The ability to read, spell, and use basic language is essential. Improved reading, writing, and oral presentation skills are all possible as a result.

2. Qualified instructors

To learn English in Singapore early, you’ll need highly qualified educators. It is because when you enrol your child in English classes for kids, a significant portion of their success will be based on the tutor’s linguistic abilities.

One must learn about the teachers and how they interact with their kids to understand how the school operates. Make sure you enrol in a school with professors eager to teach their students new topics. To get a sense of what you may expect from the course, it’s a good idea to check out the professors’ educational backgrounds and teaching experience.

3. See their course descriptions

Having a look at the institution’s syllabus will also give you an indication of the quality of their lessons. It’s important to verify that the material they plan to teach is approved. If you plan to include them in a creative writing class for kids, ask them how they can be able to do it. See if it implements a wide variety of literature, like books and stories, which will allow them to gain a different perspective on the world.

They should be able to:

  • Enhance their vocabulary by using it in context.
  • Make use of similes and metaphors.
  • Use literary devices in their writing.

4. Ask about their class size

As you narrow down your choices of English language school in Singapore, keep in mind the size of the class and the available time frame. You can be sure that the learning environment will be more conducive if the class size is lower. Your child will have enough opportunity to clear up specific doubts with their teacher.

5. Learn about their traditions and customs

A community-oriented culture can also help students get the most out of their education. In addition to giving them a sense of belonging, a supportive school community can motivate your child to work more and participate more fully in class discussions.

If they offer essay writing in Singapore, how do they approach children about it? Since not a lot of students are in favour of writing and reading.

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