Simplify The Way Of Learning Korean With A Tutor!

According to Britannica, the number of Korean speakers around the world is more than 75 million people worldwide. There are plenty of speakers outside North and South Korea, such as in places like the United States, Japan, Canada and even China. Learning the language can be a fun and exciting discovery for many. Whether you plan to learn Korean language online or in language centres, there are many roadways for aspirants to enhance their learning.

The language of Korea, called Hangul (meaning the ‘Great Script’ in Korean), is the primary language system. The system of Hangul consists of 24 letters that include 10 vowels and 14 consonants. The language’s alphabet shares no semblance with English, Spanish, and other languages, especially in the Western world. However, it doesn’t stop people from pursuing learning the language.

Why Should You Learn The Korean Language?

The culture of Korea is becoming well-recognised and adored thanks to pop music and films. People are enthralled to discover and speak the language itself to immerse further in the culture. However, there are many reasons for everyone to learn the Korean language, whether you consider yourself a K-pop fan or not.

Learning boosts your cognitive ability

Learning another language that is foreign to you has its own perks. It can boost your brainpower! Whether you believe it or not, being multilingual or bilingual can stimulate your brainpower, allowing you to be more mentally flexible with better focus. It also helps sharpen memory and be a more critical thinker. All in all, it helps your brain to be more active and healthy.

Other people learn Hangul more quickly than they would have thought. It’s not the most difficult language! So if you want to learn the Korean language, you can always look online for free resources. However, if you are confident to commit yourself, you can always take language courses.

It provides a better travel experience

If you are travelling enthusiasts who have plenty of time on their hands to experience the world, there’s no reason for you to skip past learning a few languages! If you plan to travel to Korea, you should make an effort to learn the Korean language in a basic manner.

Learning the local language will help you navigate through and immerse yourself in their society and culture. You won’t have a hard time communicating and interacting with locals, and you won’t feel alienated and uncomfortable, making your travelling experience more pleasant!

Konglish makes it easy to learn the language

As we have said earlier, learning Korean is not as difficult as some people would imagine. Many are, in fact, surprised to figure it out, thanks to Konglish! Konglish is about mixing Korean and English speech. In that way, there are fewer words for you to learn in the Korean language without going through tons of memorisation.

Learning the Korean Language With A Tutor


The Korean language/Hangul is not as complex as other languages. However, it takes time and effort to fully master it should you commit yourself. As we said, there are many pathways for you if you want to learn the Korean language, from taking free online lessons to paid courses from local language-learning centres.

If you hope to enhance your learning skills and find effective ways to study, you will need extra support from a tutor. While hiring a tutor is not an imperative or compulsory practice when you try to learn the Korean language, it does help ease those rough learning curves along the way.

Here are the perks of hiring a Korean language tutor for learners:

You have someone to practise with

If you are trying to learn the Korean language on your own, especially at home, hiring a tutor is beneficial for you. It can maximise your learning experience by pointing out what you need to improve, whether it’s a grammatical error or improper usage of words. After all, learning is fun and exciting when you have someone to practise it with!

Better learning discipline

Learners may find it way easier to slack and skip past something they aren’t comfortable dealing with. Learning becomes less challenging and compelling, and it’s normal. It’s a common experience for students to feel this way, especially when they encounter difficulties. However, tutors know the way out of this. Tutors can find a way to help students stay motivated and engaged, increasing their learning discipline.

It makes learning easy and time-saving

Do you experience a lack of direction or are stuck in something while you learn the Korean language online? If you are spending too much time on your learning than you normally should, hiring a tutor can help simplify your learning experience. It saves you time while learning at your own pace.

Improves students’ confidence

Students can have a tough time when they try to learn something they aren’t familiar with. In common situations, our confidence and self-esteem are on the line. If we are not confident in what we have learned, we have the inclination to put less trust in ourselves in our abilities. It is the most common hurdle for students who are stuck in a rut. Hiring a tutor can improve your confidence as you go through, providing you with enough resources to excel in learning the Korean language.

Finals Thoughts

Learning Korean is fun and exciting. However, equipping a tutor in your learning programme can make the most out of your learning. If you try to learn the Korean language online or on your own, you should definitely give a tutor a try and see how far you can go through with a certified tutor!

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