What Makes Thomasians Stand Out? Here Are Some Reasons: A Friendly Guide In UST-Legazpi

The University of Santo Tomas in Legazpi is one of the oldest schools, not only in the Bicol region but also in the wholecountry. Before UST-Legazpi, it is first named Aquinas University, which was recently changed to become a sister institution of the UST Manila. Nonetheless, the principles of Christian teachings and holistic development remain the same.

As the first Dominican school in the region, UST-Legazpi seeks to provide quality for all its students through constant improvements in the school – both in terms of facilities and teaching per se. With the help of the highly-esteemed educators, the university can produce top-notch students that are globally competitive. In effect, many have already topped various licensure examinations, such as Bar Exams.

In pursuit of academic excellence, UST-Legazpi teaches its students – the Thomasians – the importance of education. Commitment to learning is one of the essential factors observed by the institution throughout the years of success. More so, it is proactive with the interests of its key stakeholders.

If you plan to enroll soon, it’s high time to be part of the UST-Legazpi and become a Thomasian. The UST tuition fee is not a problem as the institution provides scholarships to augment the students’ needs. And to give you a glimpse, here are some reasons why UST-Legazpi is worth it.

Holistic Approach Of Teaching

One particular thing is the holistic way of teaching that UST-Legazpi upholds at all times. With this in mind, students are provided with every learning aid necessary in their classroom discussion. More so, lessons likewise take place beyond through extra-curricular activities. It is why most Thomasians are flexible – able to enhance their skills in various endeavors. The VMG of the UST-Legazpi is centered on student excellence through academic success.

Complete School Facilities

UST-Legazpican provide proper learning aids and school facilities for students to enjoy. It helps them to gain inclusive learning experience even beyond the halls of a classroom. These amenities are essential, such as laboratories, libraries, and so on. Additionally, the institution ensures that all equipment needed is in good condition for better student use. All levels, such as senior high school bicol to graduate studies, are allowed to maximize educational facilities.

Active Student Organizations

Thomasians are more than intellectuals as most manifest exceptional leadership skills. With the establishment of various student organizations, Thomasians are capable of act upon different social advocacies that provide voices and representations to the student body. UST-Legazpi and other State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), such as bicol university, are providing extra-curricular activities to develop the sociability of students.

Intensive Learning

In terms of the learning system, UST-Legazpi is the best training ground for every course program. It aims to provide intensive discussions and teaching approaches that can guarantee students to achieve greater heights. It is with the help of highly-esteemed faculty that hones every Thomasian to the best versions of themselves. Apart from that, UST-Legazpi is providing the UST Center for Continuing Education in advocating for academic excellence at all times.

Final Word

Thomasians are provided with the most efficient and effective learning strategies, approaches, and tools by the UST-Legazpi in line with the institution’s Vision, Mission, and Goals. It is through holistic development that students are trained to achieve excellence.