President Trump Pushes Universities to Keep Campuses Open Despite Recent Rise in Incidence of Coronavirus

Currently, the United States still holds the dubious distinction of being the world leader in total cases and total deaths from the coronavirus.  Despite this fact, and despite the current increase in cases of coronavirus in the United States, President Trump has encouraged universities to ensure students remain on campus, and has also asked for the reinstatement of Big 10 football.

Unemployed Professors is dedicated to providing students up-to-the-date information on the coronavirus as it affects them, on campus.  We are therefore concerned about Trump’s position, given the threat students face, given the unavoidable congestion and close contact that university life imposes.  The following is a breakdown of the current coronavirus situation on campus, which will help you better contextualize Trump’s recent push to keep face-to-face classes in session.

Part of Trump’s exhortation to universities was his claim that his administration had conducted an extensive review of data taken from 20 colleges, and had found that “not a single student” positive for the coronavirus had been hospitalized.  He did concede, however, that students who had tested positive for the virus had been hospitalized for “complications” issuing from COVID-19.  He went on to say that this figure is negligible when contrasted with the overall number of cases.  The President then issued the surprising conclusion that students who remain at college are at a lower risk for the virus than if they returned home.  During a White House press briefing Trump declared “It’s much safer for students to live on campus.  Rather than the alternative…going home, spreading the virus to high-risk Americans.”

Rather surprisingly, Trump then went on to address Big Ten Football, which he hoped would return to play after a postponement in August due to a spate of COVID-19 cases, and an anticipated second wave in the Fall.   Trump elaborated, “[The Big Ten] has some of the best players, college players in our country and they want to get into the NFL, and they want to make money in the NFL. And they’re not going to be able to do that too easy if you don’t get to see them play.”

Many scientists have criticized Trump’s claim that it is safer for low-risk, younger students to remain on campus.  Infectious disease experts have warned that his position is dubious, since a viral outbreak on campus would almost certainly transmit to neighboring communities and infect those at greater risk.

Regardless of the level of threat resulting from students remaining on-campus, we at Unemployed Professors hope that you will take all necessary precautions to ensure that the spread of the coronavirus is minimized, and that you remain safe through 2020 and into the New Year.  To that end, we hope that you read our other blog articles on COVID-19, which contain useful tips on how to avoid contracting the virus.

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