Types of education apps available in the market

The education sector has been on the verge of expansion since the covid pandemic hit us. The fast and easy accessibility of phones and internet has majorly contributed to this expansion. The era of digitization has begun thereby promoting growth of educational apps vigorously. Everything is now available at the fingertips of your smartphone including education. You don’t need to physically go to school or carry the weights of books anymore. Overall the e-learning industry seems to be booming thereby making it easier for teachers as well as the students. Many learning apps have been introduced in the market with various kinds of syllabus and learning materials that have become extremely popular among students. These apps are not just restricted to the school curriculum but also include various kinds of quality education. Here are a few of the educational apps that are very popular among students :

Tutor apps : Taking extra tuitions has been an old trend among students, however this trend is now getting replaced by apps instead of teachers. Students prefer to learn online at their own convenience with the help of e – learning apps. The option of choosing from various apps based on one’s personal preferences such as on demand tutors or tutors for a specific subject only or the convenience of learning from home is what attracts the users the most. The Fliplearn app is one such personalized interactive platform for students where they get the liberty to study in their own specific manner.

Language learning apps : Learning a new language can be very exciting and productive provided you find the right teacher and guidance. Hence, here apps can be of great help. Language learning apps usually consist of voice directives and recording options that help the user in acing the pronunciation and formation of words/sentences.

Competitive exam apps : Students often struggle between tuitions and school  inorder to strike a balance between them when it comes to competitive exams. Wide number of apps are available now in the market which cover the preparation of various competitive exams for law schools, medical schools, engineering schools etc.These help the students by providing them with in- depth study material along with saving them the extra time and effort required.

Specialized courses app : Many schools and institutions have now come up with their personalized study apps. These apps are specifically designed according to the courses / syllabus designed by the institutions for their students. This helps the school management to improve the communication, education and overall well being of the students. Along with this there are certain institutions that are offering their students the chance to study specific courses such as hotel management, business management, etc via these apps thereby enabling the students the liberty to excel in the subjects of their choice.