How to prepare for MBA interview case studies?

There are different spectrums of an Admission in MBA College in India, and a case study is often an integral part of the process.

After you have cleared the written exam and done with the group discussion stage, you are given a case study. It could cover any business sector. You are required to locate the main issues of the case, and work towards a specific objective, meeting the requirements of the fictitious client. The ways you articulate your reply and build solutions are marked by the interviewers, which have an instrumental role in your final selection.

Start preparing early

Most of the candidates start preparing for such interviews after they have cleared the written exam. But, a wiser step is, to prepare for tackling cases studies much before than that, even before you have appeared for the written exam. This would help you to get accustomed with the wide range of case studies, encompassing various business dimensions in the industry.

Also, you would be more confident when you, in reality, face the interview panel. There are lots of things to learn, and you can’t achieve the technical know-how of solving a case study in a few days.

Buying relevant books

There are lots of books available in the market teaching to solve a slew of case studies. Make a short-list of such books, and then purchase the top 2 or 3 books from the list. Don’t try to abandon the case study if you are stuck. Also, it is not recommended to quickly go to the answers’ page. Stick to it, think creatively, and try to assess the prospects and further details.

Consider the subjectivity

Don’t try too hard to be perfect. There are some subjective elements in many of the case studies. Make it mandatory to practice daily, in order to gradually hone your skills to solve business cases.

Regular practice

It is highly important to regularly practice solving business cases, and with a good mix of all kinds of fields, from marketing to finance to retail, etc. This is a key in sharpening the strategic faculty of your mind. Your approach towards business cases would be sharper and become more professional. If it is not possible for you to practice daily, keep aside an hour’s time at least, in every alternate day. You would very soon realize the positive results of maintaining a disciplined schedule.

Read blogs and forums

You need to thoroughly go through relevant blogs and forums. You would get lots of tips and tricks from the platforms from various aspiring candidates, coaches, veterans and likes. The free flow of information and virtual interactions would enrich your understanding, and improve the quality of your preparation.

Register for mock case study sessions

In order to further sharpen your expertise to get admitted in a top-rated MBA College in India, it is advised to register yourself in a coaching center, or an online platform, which conducts mock case study sessions for management degree aspirants. It would make your preparation more holistic.