Road To Becoming A Data Scientist

As one of the highest paid job, there has to be certain requirements and skills set that are expected from a data scientist. Though becoming a data scientist is not a piece of cake, but the path that leads to it can be explained in simpler terms. Here we will discuss some important points that’ll help anyone to get on the road to becoming a data scientist.

Skills in Statistics, Algebra, and ML: A data scientist must possess the knowledge of these three fields. The correct balance is what is needed the most, neither too much nor too less. It won’t be possible to become a skilled data scientist without having knowledge of these subjects.

Knowing Database Functionalities: Since such large volumes of data generation take place per minute via the Internet, many organizations and companies use DBMS software such as MySQL to store to manage the data. So, having a good knowledge of the database management system will help immensely to have a future as a data scientist.

Be a Good Coder: To be a data scientist, one must know the language in which the data communication takes place. This can be done by using scripts to assess the upcoming or stored data. Some basic languages include R, C/C++, Java, Python and many more.

Working on Real Projects: Once you have gained all theoretical knowledge of the subject, start working on real data science projects. Large sets of data are available on the Internet for practicing on real projects. Get your hands on these data sets to gain experience. It is obvious that the companies will hire a person who has more experience in real projects rather than a person who only has theoretical knowledge.

Communication Skills: If you want to see the difference between a good data scientist and a great data scientist, watch the communication skills they possess. It’s no doubt that having a good communication skill is a must for a data scientist in order to pitch himself and his analysis report in front of important clients and peers. Playing around with words is what it takes to be a great data scientist.

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Gain Knowledge by Observing: A data scientist must be smart enough to gain knowledge from the surrounding people just by observing. Since a data scientist works with a lot of like-minded people (people having great knowledge), he/she must be a keen observer to grasp the required details.

Always have an Update with the Data Science Commune: What good is a data scientist if he doesn’t know the current affairs of data science? Being updated and knowing what is happening in the data science field is very important for a data scientist. Every data scientist must learn the ins and outs of data science. There are websites that provide insights to keep data scientists updated on the types of jobs available and what kind of jobs are being offered by the industries.

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