7 Tips for Preparing Your Kids for the First Days of Class

Overcoming school anxiety may not be an easy task for children. Entering a preschool in Jurong exposes kids to a new environment, which can be overwhelming to handle without any preparations. They will meet new faces, including their teachers and classmates. The surroundings will also be different as they are used to staying home. Everything will be unique, and it can be challenging for shy kids to adjust to new situations.

As a parent, you must prepare them for school’s first days. Avoid invalidating their feelings by saying things like: “Grow up, everyone goes through that!” or “Crying makes you look weak.” It will only be counterproductive as they will not be able to process their emotions. The goal is to face their feelings and help them handle this while attending the best preschool in Singapore for the first time.

Here’s how parents can prepare their children to handle school anxiety for the upcoming school year.

How to Prepare Your Children for the First Days of School

It’s a tough job, especially if your children are naturally shy. But, don’t worry, they can get through it with your assistance and genuine help. Parents, both mothers and fathers, need to be hands-on when school starts. Kids will feel all the anxieties once you enrol them in a preschool in Jurong. Here’s how you can prepare your children for the upcoming school days to handle this situation.

1) Visit the School Before the First Day

Before the school year starts, visit the school so your kids can be familiar with the environment. Tour them in the vicinity so they can understand their new surroundings. You can tour them around the canteen, playground, and classrooms and introduce them to their new teachers. While visiting the best kindergarten in Singapore, you can also inform where the entrance and exit are. This way, they will know where to meet you when going home.

On top of this, you can also inform your child about the safest routes when there are emergency citations like fire incidents. It can alleviate their anxiety and make them feel more prepared for the upcoming school days.

2) Bring Them For Registration

During the childcare registration, you can bring your children with you to familiarise them with the process. Explain to them why they have to go to school. You can also tell them the importance of education and how it can help their future. You can alleviate their anxieties by telling them they can meet new friends at school and learn many things about the world.

Also, give them realistic expectations about school. Tell them what they would expect during their first year. After all, it can make them feel more independent and confident about their skills.

3) Let Them Open Up About Their Feelings

The worst thing parents can do is invalidate their children’s feelings. Don’t ignore or neglect their words when your children are opening up about how they feel. Try to listen to their thoughts and provide better ways to handle their feelings.

 For instance, if they are anxious about preschool opening in Jurong, tell them it’s part of human life. Children have to be independent, and school is the best place to learn this. By giving them such examples, they will better understand why attending school is a good thing in the first place.

Remember, let your children express themselves. Let them be sad, angry, mad, anxious, and happy. All you have to do is teach them how to handle emotions; as such, you can become a better parent to your children.

4) Go to School Supplies Shopping

Another way to excite your children is to bring them along in school supplies shopping. They will undoubtedly anticipate using the new pencils, notebooks, and bags. If you want to stay on a budget, you can also wait for the sale season before buying school supplies. Once you search for a kindergarten near me, you can also search for a school supplies shop to bring your children to the nearest stores.

Buying them school supplies will imply that you support them and are by their side whenever you need them. New school supplies will motivate the children to try their best in the upcoming school year.

5) Prepare for Their Lunch Box

Before the school year begins, you can also prepare their lunch box. You can ask your children about the food they want for their school days. Perhaps, you can prepare them their comfort food for the first few days of school so they can feel less anxious about their situation. You can also give some money, so they buy themselves some food in the canteen when attending a preschool in Jurong. Don’t worry; the best preschool in Singapore offers safe food for the students as they check the sanitation quality daily.

6) Have a Practice Routine

Weeks before school begins, you can start a practice routine with your children. Wake them up earlier so their body clock can adjust. You can also teach them how to wear socks and button their uniforms. As such, they won’t feel rushed on their first day at the best kindergarten in Singapore. They’ll have ample time to adjust how they think and feel less overwhelmed by their new life routine.

You can encourage your children to practice this routine, so they know what to do in the morning. You can avoid getting late to school and practise diligence.

7) Save Emergency Numbers

It is the first time when your children will be away from home. So, save emergency contacts on their phones to call for help when they are in need. Save your phone number, authorities, and school emergency numbers. You can also let them remember your phone and home number. Fortunately, the best preschool in Singapore has safety and security procedures that make students utterly safe at the school premises.

So, when searching for ‘childcare near me, ask the school staff about their safety process. Ask them if there are CCTVs and personnel that ensure the safety of the students.

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