What to Know About the Healthcare System in Puerto Rico

Over three million people reside in Puerto Rico, and about half of them receive benefits from the island’s Medicaid program. However, there are some key differences to healthcare in the continental United States and this territory.

This article will give you a brief overview of the healthcare system Puerto Rico offers residents. So, whether you are traveling there or thinking about moving to the Caribbean full time, you’ll be able to get the best Puerto Rico medical care. So, keep reading to learn more!

Public Healthcare System

Public healthcare in Puerto Rico is run by the government and is similar to Medicaid in that only select individuals, such as the impoverished or elderly, may qualify. However, there are three key differences.

First of all, recipients can’t choose their healthcare providers. Instead, they are referred to the doctors they need through a third-party professional.

The second difference is that the public healthcare system doesn’t provide individuals with long-term care. However, they cover several other expenses, such as prescriptions, psychological services, and physical therapy costs.

And, lastly, the public healthcare system in Puerto Rico is different in that its decisions are made at the top level of government. As a result, those who work for the system have little authority to make decisions in Puerto Rico hospitals.

Moreover, the wait time is quite long because there is a huge shortage of doctors in the country. Many of them have moved to other countries to earn a higher salary. And, on top of that, the hurricanes in recent years have put more pressure on the system.

Private Healthcare System

The best doctors Puerto Rico has to offer often work with the private healthcare system. And, the waiting times are usually much shorter than with the public system.

Moreover, if you move to Puerto Rico as an expat, private insurance will likely be your only option. While there are several providers on the island, the best services are in San Juan. So, if you have serious health conditions, you should consider living nearby.

Even though the standard for private health care is quite good, you should ensure all your doctors are currently licensed. You can do this by using this Puerto Rico medical license verification website.

Since Puerto Rico medical care is reasonably priced, most people who move to the island decide to go this route. Often, even pre-existing conditions are covered, which comes as a surprise to immigrants from many countries. However, you’ll likely have to pay a small co-payment for appointments and services.

Healthcare System Puerto Rico – Your Brief Overview

After reading this short guide on the healthcare system Puerto Rico has in place, you can make the best choices when choosing insurance plans. Of course, always remember to verify your Puerto Rico doctors and check online reviews. By doing so, you can get the best medical care Puerto Rico has to offer!

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