What is mentoring software? Review of the most popular mentoring software?

  • After the devastating pandemic hit of COVID, online or digital platforms helped survive the business market. They have become the pillars of any firm; hence, every business relies on its online platform for growth.
  • When mentoring business is considered, it is sparkling its light in recent years through exposure and recognition from valuable customers as they are easily approachable through virtual platforms.
  • Technology and progress go hand in hand with every minute of launches and discoveries.
  • The software and programs are created with modern machinery and devices to attract customers and expand their business. These developments have helped the mentoring business to lay out its work for the online media.
  • Let us see what mentoring software is and how it has changed the business of mentoring networks.
  • Online media provide various perks to the mentoring business as it bridges the gap between the mentor and interested mentee. They can easily find their perfect matches through this software.
  • Mentoring platforms’ design must include their programs or applications that should easily be used by any beauty, approachable, less time-consuming, and convenient to interact with and find perfect mentors.

Mentoring software benefits all the above points listed and is more effective than physical mentoring organizations.

Mentoring platforms are large organizations where seekers and personnel can partake. It hosts a lot of programs every few days.

You can join these organizations to recognize diverse aspects of these programs and study the process to advance accomplishment.

  • These organizations also act as outstanding instruments for direction and assistance for anyone new to the department.
  • Being a part of organizations working with mentoring software brings diverse challenges every day. Hence, it is one of the best stations to invest your energy and hard work on.
  • The mentoring organization allows people to connect with experts worldwide through online media tools such as video conferencing, audio, or cold emailing. These experts share their experiences from different sessions and scenarios of their life.

Thus, we now know the benefits of mentoring software, whether they are mentors, mentees, or the organization.

Let us now view a few of these mentoring platforms, which are the leading software of the century.


ASKME offers you the chance to connect yourself with various experts, professionals, entrepreneurs as well as students for whatever help and knowledge you want to possess.

They also provide great advisers and consultants to help overcome any snags.

Ask lets you have direct access to a pool of highly skilled and verified professionals and experts, including bestselling authors, great and famous entrepreneurs, prominent keynote speakers, and many other exceptional and talented mentors, all in one place. It offers services such as video conferencing, chat, audio calling, and tools such as a calendar and submitting feedback, so the employees gain satisfaction while connecting to them. It gives significant importance to the mentor-mentee relationships.


MentorcliQ is a software mentoring platform that helps employees through different engaging and effective services. The company considers itself a business mentoring software platform where people can learn, acquire, track, and outsource their skills to expand and grow their business. MentorcliQ allows you to access these benefits through their websites or the app, whichever the employees find easy. It also shares the auto-matching mentor options, which cut the extra manual time people waste on finding their perfect mentor.


Mentorink is another leading online mentoring platform that allows users with intelligent technologies for practical mentorship sessions. The organization is awarded “The Best Mentoring and Best Coaching” by renowned institutions such as EMCC. Mentoring has helped many famous brands such as Cargill, Siemens, Amgen, AMS, Mapfre, QNB, etc. It has created a trusted image for the brand among various mentoring platforms. The ROI noted was 150 times profitable for the business with its innovative technologies and best services.


Appriez is a mentoring software that allows its customers to engage and enjoy the sessions taken deliberately. You can get to know your hidden gems by taking proper guidance through mentorship. Accordingly, you can invest your time in better planning by recognizing the objective of the sessions. Appreiz is an application that allows you to select mentors and assign them to different employees of the organization for better discussions. The coach members will enable you to set appointments with them and can discuss any problems related to business or personal complications.


MentorCity provides the best mentoring experience through practical, comprehensive, cost-effective software. They are easy to use and can easily be used by institutions, companies, schools, organizations, and associations, making them more approachable and popular among the various other platforms. MentorCity allows you to save time through its effective automatically matching technology. Hence, you can thus provide significant importance to the things that need to be discussed in the mentoring sessions. You have more chances of clearing your doubts and moving forward with your business objectives rather than focusing on which mentor to go with.


Chronus is a mentorship software platform that majorly concentrates on initiating and developing outstanding matchings. The mentor-mentee relationship works effectively when excellent pairings are made. The company has its proprietary MatchIQ® Technology, which they use to forge good pairings. These all happen while the self-matching option finds and connects to the appropriate mentor the employee desires. The software developed by the company leaders is one significant factor in the smooth functioning of the organization and its success. It helps the mentees by briefing them with an introductory session to help guide them through a step-by-step process.