What Is International Baccalaureate, And How Is It Different From Others?

International Baccalaureate (IB) is an international diploma program that offers more courses than the standard programs. The program helps students develop a knowledge-based approach, motivating them for their future journey. The IB school in Malaysia program develops critical skills, nurtures curiosity, and builds a problem-solving attitude. It teaches students to respect every multicultural approach and follow learning over excellence. The IB curriculum can use alongside other education frameworks across all schools. The students develop better emotional, mental, and psychological characteristics through an IB framework and perform better in such a mental stability state.

How Is IB Different From Others?

An IB curriculum program ensures building a critical thinking aspect in a student’s mind. It trains their mind to face and find a solution to challenges. As this framework is independent of any school and institution, it manages to focus on the quality across all communities of schools. An IB school in Malaysia teaches students to consider and respect local and international situations to make more rational decisions. It teaches the students the importance of communities, making them curious about society, cultures, and languages. As a result, students often become multilingual and learn more than two languages.

Benefits OfIB Framework

  • IB learners differ from other learners for multiple reasons, such as their viewpoint and learning experiences. Here are some of the benefits of IB learning.
  • It teaches students to become critical and ensures quality education. It even leads them to solve problems rationally, personally, or socially, making them perform better in multiple aspects.
  • IB learning allows the students to brainstorm and look for a solution on their own instead of spoon-feeding. Such a feature allows a student to think and learn from their shortcomings.
  • Top universities of the world consider the holistic aspect of a student, such as their grades, values, and altruistic behaviour. IB framework allows students to develop great deals and makes them more compassionate towards life and challenges.
  • It ensures cultural development. Through this program, students understand multiple cultures and learn their respective languages. The art of speaking more than two languages is not something ordinary.
  • It allows students to engage people from different areas. Such interaction with other people gives them a space to learn and grow and helps them make a better viewpoint of the world.