What affects the website position in Google?

Every self-respecting seller understands that the main promotion channel of his products should be formed in the Internet environment. But how to make your site popular with a potential customer? Let’s have a closer look at what makes our site position higher in the Google search.

  1. First of all, it is the Google Rank Brain. It counts the time spending on the website and the visitors’ number and then promotes those of them that enjoy the popularity of the internet users. Google put these criteria along with links and website content.
  2. The next thing to mention is CTR – the ratio of clicks on an advertisement to the number of demonstrations. The authority of the indicator comes from the previous factor.
  3. High-quality content. Here we should understand that SEO-words are not the only thing to worry about. You have to pay attention to the text itself and make it attractive for the prosper website guests. Google perceives long articles better and places them higher on the list.
  4. Never forget about mobile phones. Nowadays they get the 60% of all requests and this tendency is going to rise. The idea implies providing content placement affordable for any device.  Put the key idea on the front page. You incur losing clients if the interface isn’t convenient for the phone version.
  5. Video format. As we see, motion ad is more attractive to watch and you should take it into account as internet users interest to this promotion technology continues growing every day.
  6. Now it is possible to record your product request with a voice search system. Thus, make your keywords appropriate for this client segment as well.
  7. External thematic links to the resource are still relevant. According to them, Google determines the credibility of the resource and its ranking.

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