Tips to Prepare for UPSC Exam

Thousands and lakhs of students take the UPSC exam each year. This test is carried out at the national level. It is considered one of the most challenging exams in the country. Also, preparing for this test is not easy, but not very difficult either.

With steadfast determination, faith, and discipline, you can easily pass the civil service exam, so here are some tips to follow when preparing for the UPSC exam:

Essential tips that can help you with your studies:

Understanding the Program: It is essential to read the detailed UPSC Civil Services IAS exam program to understand the exam requirements. Understanding the UPSC syllabus will help you prepare more intensively.

Read Previous Year’s Paper: Previous year’s question paper is beneficial in the preparation process. Not only does it help you understand the critical types of questions and topics on the exam, but it is also a great way to review them.

The Plan: The syllabus for the general research papers and optional subjects be it sociology optional syllabus in the UPSC Civil Service IAS exam is quite extensive. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the endless curriculum. Given the breadth, it is necessary to plan how to complete the syllabus before the exam. You need to set weekly and monthly goals.

Review: It is not enough to complete the syllabus before the exam. It is essential to review it several times before the exam. You need enough time to review your plan.

Schedule: Create your plan to follow each day. Study time should be divided into 2-4 hour chunks with breaks in between. As test day approaches, you should see more hours of study each day.

Self-discipline: Preparing for the UPSC Civil Services IAS exam should take numerous months and need at least 6 hours of study each day. Self-discipline is necessary to keep the schedule.

Let’s start with the basics. Self-taught candidates tend to jump straight to Topper’s recommended advanced level books during the interview. This is a flawed strategy. Preparation should start with the entry-level book and then move on to more advanced books.

Coaching Notes: Candidates can acquire coaching notes from different coaching institutions. Candidates can also refer to these coaching notes to make sure they haven’t missed an important topic. However, it is essential to understand that the coaching notes are for guidance only and are not a substitute for the books.

Take a practice test: Candidates should take a practice test if possible. This can be done online or by purchasing a practice test tape from a coaching agency. This helps them analyze their strengths and weaknesses and simplify their preparation strategies.

Family and Peer Support: The UPSC Civil Services IAS Preliminary Exam can be stressful. It is essential to stay motivated throughout the preparation process. Talk to your family and friends to support and encourage you during your trip.

Things to keep in mind when preparing for IAS

Whether you are preparing for or attending coaching to prepare for the IAS, there are a few things that all test takers should keep in mind.

Nose for news: Journalists are expected to have a nose for news to select articles. Being an aspiring UPSC does not require such skills to discover stories. However, you must be curious to get a complete picture of the current situation.

Why? Being an IAS official means being part of the government that governs the area. You will not be a good ruler unless you are an expert on current affairs.

Network:  Connect with other UPSC applicants, learn to prepare, and stay on top of new office developments in exams or learning methods.

Instead of looking at someone else and measuring their limits, be open so that you never stop learning anything from anyone.

Practice: As mentioned above, the coaching is just a systematic practice. Now you know what to do. Get the questionnaire from the previous year and fill it out. If you don’t have the same document, you can get a question bank on the market.

Focus on topics that you are not familiar with in history or geography.