The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Study IELTS For Students

Many of us are aware of the IELTS examination, and we know that it is one of the best ways to test our proficiency in English for educational or work prospects. Many of us don’t even realize the importance and the benefits of passing the IELTS exam and have no idea where to begin doing the preparation. Study IELTS (เรียน IELTS, which is a term in Thai) helps you gain the certificate that gets globally recognized for the English test. Getting the right score with the correct knowledge can land you into government or private bodies for immigration and professional registration determinations. Let us take you through the guide to start your learning for the best marks to score:

Scoring Pattern:

Before analyzing and jumping to the syllabus knowing, the scoring system helps you to prepare for the examination accordingly. It also assists you in preparing your mock exams and measuring your improvement as well. The scoring is 1-9, and these scores are known as bands. You will get Band 9 if you’re the expert in English and you can speak and understand English with full accuracy, and you will not face any problem in English speaking country. As the score goes below gradually, you will receive a less count band, and you can learn about each of them while study IELTS on their website.

Test Format:

You have to excel in all the subjects as it is essential to prepare you in the right direction. Analyzing the test format of the exam can help you prepare accordingly and knowing which one section is the strongest and require less practice whereas, which one is the weakest.

  1. Listening Test
  2. Reading Test
  3. Writing Test
  4. Speaking Test

Each section will have their scoring out of 10, and the average will be the band score.

Analyze How Much You Already Know:

If you wish to analyze your position as a beginner, the best way suggested is that you take the mock test under real exam conditions by yourself honestly. Taking exam practice can further help you with the areas that need improvement and understanding the exam format. Make sure to do the exams from a legit site as some websites may do mislead the aspirants.

Have Everything Kept By Your Side Which You Will Need:

There are so many things available over the Internet that you can utilize for the preparation like you can read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch youtube videos of IELTS preparing guides, and others. These things can contribute to your preparation.