Taking A Korean Language Course: Clearing The 5 Misconceptions  

Learning a new language, a Korean language course in Singapore, for example, is an experience that goes beyond culture and communication. There, you will encounter people who developed appreciation because of the Korean drama they watched and bands they gushed over, those who went on a trip and loved the country even more, or those who want to widen their horizons. Overall, there are many convincing reasons to start this exploration of other things in the world.

The problem is a set of misconceptions that make people unaware of the hidden beauty of learning another language. It can be the ignorance they have that makes them develop a mindset that these things are futile or failing to realise that there is more to learning grammatical rules.

In this article, let us clear things by addressing what people think wrongly about taking Korean lessons onlineor in a language school.


MYTH: For the average person, only K-Pop and K-drama addicts need to learn Korean onlinebecause they interact with the language. What does a person uninterested have to do with exploring this hobby? Nothing, because they would not benefit at all from learning a new language. Lastly, there are subtitles when they decide to watch the latest K-drama.

TRUTH: Anyone can hire a Korean tutor in Singapore or trust a learning facility as long as they have the motivation and spirit to explore the language. First, aside from being able to understand what your favourite actors and idols say, there is convenience in being able to do it. You might be going on a trip to Korea soon or applying for a corporate job at a company. These activities are far from useless.



MYTH: A Korean language course in a classroom in Singapore is more difficult than self-studying because you have a schedule to follow, assignments to submit, and classmates to collaborate with during group sessions. Another thing is the flexibility of independent studying, which makes traditional setups ineffective for some people.

TRUTH: Both classrooms and independent learning are effective. Whether you wish to learn Korean online through books and other materials or attend a formal session, they work for the person as long as they want to learn the language. Aside from that, compliance is necessary, so nothing will happen if you never attend classes or start reading a book during your free time.


MYTH: Enrolling in a classroom session or programme is difficult because of many things. First, the admissions officer might ask you to take a Korean proficiency test despite having zero knowledge of the language. The second disadvantage is getting behind classmates, and it can take a toll on your self-confidence while learning. Imagine not being able to grasp things when others can.

TRUTH: There is no truth in centres asking you to take a Korean proficiency test despite being a beginner. However, they might do this to gain information about how much you know to help them assess your current standing. So, there is nothing to worry about because anyone can enrol when they have the motivation and perseverance!



MYTH: There is a good reason why distance learning in schools and other facilities did not last long because of their ineffectiveness. First, the physical barrier between the students and teachers brings more harm than good. Taking Korean lessons online is probably one of the most futile things you can do, and there is no learning in the process. Second, facing screens can get dull.

TRUTH: Despite the physical distance, students can learn from engaging in digital activities and learning resources. There are also advantages to distance learning, such as staying in the comfort of your home and avoiding crowded places outside before getting to the learning facility. If you wish to take Korean lessons online, go for it! But if things seem inadequate, feel free to explore other options.


MYTH: One way to apply what you have learned from taking a Korean language course in Singapore is to visit Korea for tourism and cultural appreciation. There is nothing better than being able to speak to locals, shopping for things without experiencing language barriers, and interacting with fellow speakers. With this, it is mandatory, even if the learning facility does not require it, to go on a trip after attending sessions.

TRUTH: Do not feel pressured when you hear someone say that you should take a trip to Korea after finishing your lessons with a Korean tutor in Singaporeor independent learning sessions. Why? There is no need! You can always set aside the travel plans and enjoy this skill in many ways, such as watching your favourite Kdrama and K-pop artists or going to a nearby grocery store to buy, for instance, a bowl of Ramen.


Now that you have explored the misconceptions surrounding taking Korean lessons onlineor attending a tuition centre, your job is to realise that there is more to learning the language. You can do this to widen your horizons and try something new, learn a valuable skill in the workplace or for future endeavours, and even take a peek inside a culture other than your own!

Also, you do not have to be a K-Pop or K-Drama addict to develop an appreciation for the language and culture. Besides, no Korean tutor in Singapore will require you to become a member of a fandom or someone who has this as their hobby. Anyone can explore this cultural activity.

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