Reasons to choose IGCSE board schools

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is said to be a part of GIIS’s offering of international curricula, and for several years the course is chosen by a large number of applicants who are looking for an intensive middle year program. The only reason several students choose IGCSE schools in Mumbai claims to offer a solid foundation for higher studies. One of the few international schools in Singapore that offer GIIS besides IGCSE and Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme is known as the precursor for the extensive IGCSE course.

Things to know about IGCSE board schools in Mumbai:

IGCSE is also known as the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, and the board curriculum is based on the British curriculum (GCSE), and the schools worldwide tend to modify the same to align with the local requirements and environment. The best part about the IGCSE curriculum is that it provides a broad range of subjects from which the institutions can choose and design the blend of issues that they wish to offer to their candidates. 

Why do you need to choose IBDP schools in Mumbai?

A multiple curricula school that offers a fantastic blend of national and international curricula, including CBSE, IB PYP, IBDP, Cambridge lower Secondary, and IGCSE, is known as GIIS.  Thanks to multiple streams available, both the students and their parents tend to find it challenging when it comes to choosing the best curriculum or framework that will help their kids achieve a fantastic foundation of academics besides skills to support them in their higher education.

Some of the highlights of IBDP schools in Mumbai:

IGCSE students adapt quickly when it comes to moving out. The IGCSE educational framework is ideally based on international standards that offer unique perks to students who would move to other countries or come back to their home country after some time. The students can adapt to other courses in schools worldwide smartly and quickly as IGCSE  offers a choice of subjects and the elaborate content structure that makes students quite bright.  There is likely to be some skill gap when a student tends to move from one curriculum or educational framework to another system. The transition into international universities is not only easy but also fast as the IGCSE students are more adaptive and exposed to global education. The education also helps students to improve their performance by developing skills, especially in creative thinking, inquiry and problem solving.

IGCSE prepares well for other international curricula- the curriculum is one of the best preparatory grounds for the advanced global educational structure, including IBDP. The application is based on a learning approach, and it prepares the candidates to handle independent learning courses, including IB Diploma Programme. IGCSE students can easily cope up with challenges that come along with advanced maths and science during elementary education. Cambridge qualifications are not only accepted widely but also valued by a plethora of leading universities and employers across the globe. 

Above all, IGCSE caters to various levels of abilities by giving them the choice of core and extensive. The candidates can also choose to study the subject at a basic level or at a specialized group. IGCSE is aligned with the same view and offers excellent flexibility to the students to just have the overview or do specialization.