Most Essential Coding Classes for the Teenagers and Kids

“Mom, do you know that gaming is good for my spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination?” “Sure, dude”, But your child is right somewhere. Gaming improves your creative and logical thinking, abstract thinking, spatial awareness and problem-solving skills. And yet, you still find it difficult to see his children in front of a ‘screen’. We prefer them to play outside. “If you want to computer, at least do something useful. Learn to code! ” For finding the right place for learning to code for kids, it is essential for the same.

“I’m not gaming, and I’m coding!”

No chance

In ‘children without a chance without programming’, the CEO of a software company states that technology is self-evident to children, but they have no idea how the software works.

“That is whether you can read but have no idea how to write,” the expert says. “A shame, because in the long term children who master ‘writing’ will have better opportunities on the labour market.” He, therefore, argues for programming as a compulsory part of education. Choosing the Coding class for kids is most essential now.

Learn to code in a playful way

Indeed, there are already schools where children learn to code and program. Is your child’s school not participating? You can also do it at home.

On request

There are tips for intelligent toys that help your child learn skills that can be useful later. Let’s agree, even with all the enthusiasm we see for coding today in France (lagging compared to the USA and China), and learning programming is not a primary skill. We can always do without! Just because your child hasn’t done any coding doesn’t mean they’ll be less educated or less “smart” or “smart” later. Many of the skills that coding helps you learn can be learned elsewhere, for example, by playing chess, playing music, or playing sports. For the Coding class for a teenager, this is most essential.

But then, why coding has become so essential that it is introduced into school curricula from primary school? To answer this question, we must not stop at coding per se, the idea of ​​your child in front of a computer doing things you don’t understand – but understanding the whole phenomenon!