Magna is visible sitting atop of the trailer.

It is one of the participants of her organization, Luke, begins off evolved a verbal exchange together along with her approximately their tour destination, Magna pointing out that all of them haven’t any concept wherein they’re going and might take as a great deal time as they prefer due to it. 

Suddenly a big herd of zombies burst out of the woods subsequent to them and begin attacking the horses dragging the train-cart, finally swaying the cart sufficient so it topples over. Magna and her organization are quick surrounded with the aid of using the zombie herd and Magna herself is nearly bitten at the arm. However, a well timed rescue with the aid of using Paul Monroe saves her life. 

Paul quick dismounts from his horse and begins off evolved assisting Magna as well as her organization fend off the zombies, however certainly considered one among Magna’s organization, Bernie, is gobbled with inside the process. 

Paul then tells Magna to reduce the horses loose from the toppled train-cart and get to safety, announcing he and different participants of the Alexandria Safe-Zone scout organization will rid the zombie herd from the area.

After it can escaping from the herd on horseback.

มังงะ Organization will control to get to a secure area and after a couple of minutes of hiding, she, Paul, and the relaxation of his scout organization control to start main the zombie herd away. 

Magna in short receives into a controversy with some other member of her organization, Kelly, who says they ought to know no longer believe Paul and his organization as they’re those who led the herd to them and were given Bernie killed. 

Magna says it became now no longer their fault and absolutely each person is a dead-guy within side the apocalypse anyway. Shortly after Paul arrive on horseback to satisfy her and invitation her to enroll in Alexandria network so long as she has the same opinion to provide her guns over to him. Magna is hesitant to accomplish that in the beginning, however whilst Paul tells her Alexandria has lots of food, she accepts wholeheartedly.

Magna is in the beginning hesitant.

It will comes to a decision to speak it over together along with her organization and that they determine that they’ll believe Rick in the meanwhile due to the fact they do now no longer need to by skip the danger up of dwelling in any such thriving network. 

Rick then tells them to relaxation up for the day, as he would really like to interview every member of the organization the subsequent day, announcing it’s far first-class they get to recognize every different, and Magna has the sasme opinion with him earlier than she walks off.