Is My Child Ready For Toddler Classes?

Becoming a parent is a huge responsibility. After all, what a child would become will highly depend on how you raise them. If you start their right brain training at an early age, they can develop their cognitive skills and others much faster than others.

While it is true that every child can learn from their parents, the question is, do you have time to spare? If you work 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday, you can only teach your child on weekends.

Enrol your child in a learning centre in Singapore to fill their time while you are at work. This education facility can help strengthen your child’s foundation through toddler classes.

Here are the signs that can tell you that your child is ready for toddler classes in Singapore.

1. Can Follow Simple Directions

If your child can follow simple directions like storing their toys in a box, chances are they can do the same when a preschool teacher from baby classes asks them to colour something or count.

2. Can Concentrate On A Task

Does your child spend hours colouring their colour book without getting distracted? A long focus is necessary, so your child can complete the assigned activities without stopping in the middle.

3. Is Potty-Trained

Even though preschool teachers know how to help children pee, they barely have time when they have to monitor several kids attending their toddler classes in Singapore.

Your child won’t need to rely on or ask their preschool teacher for assistance if they can go potty by themselves.

4. Overcome Separation Anxiety

When your child no longer cries, even if you leave them with their aunt or private playground, that only implies they have overcome their separation anxiety. In other words, your child will less likely not throw tantrums on their first day of toddler classes.

If you ticked all the signs above, that only means your baby is ready for classes in Singapore. Sign them up now at Heguru Method! Contact this learning centre at 64666580 or leave a message on their website!