How to Prepare for ICSE Board Exam During COVID-19 Pandemic

During this unpredictable time of Coronavirus, everyone around the world is bound to sit at home for months. Lives of the people and the way they used to live their lives has changed drastically. Coronavirus has affected everyone around the globe. This arises the need for doing things in a different way. This is applicable to studies as well.

In the lockdown period, when schools are closed, and students are at their home, they need to change their study methodology. Preparation for the ICSE board exam needs more attention and focus. Students can utilise the lockdown period for their studies in a positive way. Before the pandemic, it was easy to escape to study at a coffee shop or library, but students are now readjusting to a new normal in which home studying is the only option. Here we are providing some tips to prepare for the ICSE board exam by studying at home during the pandemic.

Tips To prepare for Board Exam During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is a bit hard for students to concentrate on their studies. Also, the exam stress and the fear of poor performance is hampering the board exam preparation. So, here are a few tips to help students prepare for the ICSE board exam.

1) Create A Study Environment

A good environment will help students to concentrate more on their studies and thus maximise their learning efficiency. So, choose a neat and clean place with proper ventilation and lighting. Students should try to arrange a proper table and chair for their studies. This will provide a healthy environment for students and keep them active and full of energy.

2) Go through the Syllabus

Syllabus plays a vital role in exam preparation. So, it’s important that students should be thorough with the syllabus before beginning their studies. As the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus is spreading everywhere, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has reduced the ICSE 10th Syllabus. The decision has been taken to lessen the burden of studies on students as very few classes are conducted, and most of the time, schools remain closed. So, studying as per the syllabus becomes even more crucial.

3) Map out the Study Plan

After knowing the syllabus, students must set a time duration to complete a particular chapter from each subject. So, creating a study plan on a weekly and monthly basis will help students in doing so. The study plan will also keep them on the right track and help them in accessing what topics they have completed and what needs to be done.

4) Focus on Self Learning

Students have to focus on self-learning. They can do so by studying the topics from the textbook and then solving the exercise questions. In case they get stuck somewhere they can take the help of their parents. Even if their doubt is not clear, they can go online and search for their query. Plenty of online study material is available for free for class 10 board exam preparation.

5) Refer to Online Learning

Students can take help of online learning for their studies. They can watch Youtube videos to get a better understanding of a particular topic or subject. Also, there are various educational websites and apps available online which provide interactive videos and study material for board exam preparation. So, studying with online resources will enable students to explore more things. They will encounter new things, and thus they will learn something new every day.

We hope this article has helped students and give them some idea on how to tackle this lockdown period and make it useful for their studies.

Happy Learning!