How to make a good and easy to understand resume

Resume is a summary of a long article or essay which is shortened by taking the main part and also setting aside the details and illustrations. This resume is an effective way to be able to explain the essence or main point of an information to be conveyed to others. For example, a resume for a book or an essay, the resume can explain the contents of an author’s mind in a more concise manner.

The word “resume” is also often used in the world of work or career which is defined as a curriculum vitae which is a document containing a summary of a person’s experience, expertise, and education that is arranged in such a way. The purpose of making this job application resume is as information about a person’s qualifications in a concise, concise, and clear manner.

How to Make a Resume

Making this resume is actually not too difficult because it is based on the original writing. Below are the steps for making a proper resume:

• 1. Reading the Original Script

To know and understand the contents of the original manuscript of an essay, of course, we must read it to the end. Reading the original script/text repeatedly will make us passion and work to be understand what the author wants to convey.

Apart from that, there must be some words or terms in an essay that are difficult to understand. Creating this resume must also involve other resources in order to understand difficult words or terms.

• 2. Finding the Main Idea

After reading the essay / writing repeatedly, of course we will be able to find the main idea or main thought of the article. We are obliged to note the main idea of ​​the article in order to make an appropriate summary.

In an essay, not all paragraphs contain the main idea. Therefore, it is important for us to find the main idea on a regular basis so that the writing of the resume does not widen.

• 3. Writing a Resume

After finding the main idea of ​​an essay, of course, we also have an overview of the resume. It should be noted that to make this resume, it must be adapted to the original text / manuscript.

The use of words and sentences in your resume should also describe the content of the original text. However, we are also not allowed to add personal opinion in the resume, especially if the personal opinion that we add is contrary to the original manuscript.

We recommend that this resume uses language that is easy for anyone to digest. Although in the original manuscript there are many terms or words that are difficult to understand, we can write them in easier language on the resume.

In accordance with the understanding of the resume itself, the sentences in the resume do not need to be long-winded. The resume should be in the form of a concise summary, but still be able to represent the contents of the original manuscript.

• 4. Rereading the Made Resume

Furthermore, after the resume is completed, the resume maker must also read it again to check for writing errors. Some of the things that need to be checked are:

  1. Use of good and correct language
  2. Use of correct spelling
  3. Use of correct punctuation
  4. Checking the suitability of the resume with the original manuscript