How Did Maths Tuition Centre In Singapore Improve My Son’s Performance

Parents want their children to excel in school. If they are not tutoring them each night and watching them study under their eagle eyes, they send them to science and maths tuition in Singapore. How did I know? I was one of those children!

Now that I have become a parent, I understand why my parents did it. I also only want what’s best for my son. But I didn’t push him to be the best in school or to bring home medals. What I wanted was for him to learn without pressure. But it did not escape my observing eyes to notice that he was having difficulties, especially in maths and science.

His grades were slipping gradually. It took him more time to finish his assignments. And while doing them, he sighed and grunted a lot. He also scratched his head more frequently. I could notice in his eyes and demeanour that his confidence crumbled. That was when I decided to enrol him in a tuition centre in Pasir Ris.

Tuition Centre in Tampines

I looked for a tuition centre near Tampines where my son could get extra support. I found The Junior Learners Learning Centre. 

This tuition centre is perfect for my son since it offers preschool, primary, and secondary school programmes. Moreover, they cover a lot of subjects, including English, Chinese, maths, and science. Plus, they also have phonics and guided reading for preschool.

I enrolled my son on the maths and secondary school science tuition programme of The Junior Learners Learning Centre. The changes in my son surprised me.

Maths Wiz

As my sister says, the result of tuition classes is instant. They don’t happen overnight. Nevertheless, I noticed subtle changes in my son as the weeks went by while taking his extra classes.

At first, he became more confident. Every time he goes to class, his chin is up. He wears his smile, and I can see the excitement and enthusiasm back in his eyes.

He can finish his homework earlier than before. He does not grunt or sigh anymore. He now has time to watch Hell’s Kitchen after homework or play the guitar as his hobby.

Lastly, I noticed his exam scores are slowly climbing. And I was not disappointed. When I saw his report card, his grades improved. He is happier today compared to before. 

As a tease, I now call him our family’s maths wiz. He would laugh at me, but he knew it was my recognition of his hard work. And that I am proud of him.

Likelihood to recommend

I know, as parents, our children do not need to speak before we know something is bugging their minds. When I saw the signs that my son was struggling, I knew I had to act. I knew that he needed help, and luckily, I found the right one. 

I highly recommend parents The Junior Learners Learning Centre. They helped my son improve his performance, gain his confidence back, and bring back his excitement and enthusiasm for school. Visit The Junior Learners Learning Centre, the best tuition centre in Pasir Ris.