Data science is the field that combines domain expertise, mathematics, and programming skills to extract important data. It is linked with data mining, machine learning, and big data.


Business Analytics uses different kinds of statistical tools and techniques to analyze data to improve decision-making. Business analytics is a practical application of statistical analysis that focuses on providing useful opinions. 

Business logistics supply chain optimizations are a big opportunity for industries and companies to improve the company’s performance and business logistics from planning to implementation to store raw materials to customer satisfaction. 


  1. Fraud Detection 
  2. Drug Discovery 
  3. Risk Analytics 
  4. Monitoring Systems                                                                
  5. Analyzing Reviews 
  6. Self-Driving Cars etc.       

Data science helps in business continuity after COVID-19. 

Decision-making is qualitative and quantitative. 80% of data today is unstructured, so we need more analytical tools for gaining insights on that data. It helps companies to store and analyze data for improvement. Therefore, it will help with becoming smarter and efficient in making decisions in the future. 

Data science course provides deep knowledge of the market’s feedback by analyzing the market, where we can improve the quality and quantity of the product, and increase the company’s profit, and it becomes easier to buy a company’s product over foreign products. It will automatically help the country to increase its GDP.

Data science helps the companies to train staff by keeping everyone up-to-date. It is easy with data science’s different software and IT documentations so that employees can access the data anytime. It helps the company’s employees with the latest market statistics so they can work effectively on projects.

Web site visits, social media likes, or email surveys have a vast amount of data. As estimated during this pandemic, we create about 2.5 quintillion of data each day, and there are about 44 zettabytes of data in 2020 [approximately]which is rapidly growing. This data has to be collected and analyzed to get more important data.

Data science makes it easy to collect data for customers. It combines data to generate insights by combining the customers’ services and products to create new products and services for a new group of ages and incomes. It helps the company to grow smartly and efficiently in strategic ways.

Data science helps in fighting coronavirus. 

Data science helps to track the economic and humanitarian impacts of the coronavirus in the world. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] is enhanced with decision-making using data. It tracks and analyzes whether social distancing is respected or not. 

The CDC analyzes data using data analytics and other instruments in tracking the impacts of the spreading of the virus and various orders like stay-at-home orders, geographic proximities, and analyzing the confirmed cases, fatalities, and recoveries. This helps with decision-making for reopening the economy.

Experts are using data and working with medical practitioners. Artificial intelligence is used for drug discovery for this virus. It has repeatedly been a stressful topic to check every citizen for this virus and getting a hold over the disease. Agencies have developed approaches to collect the data by Fitbit or thermal monitors because it is easy to gather data. It is profitable in the current situation, but also for the upcoming years.

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