Checking the condition of participants in an accident

Assess the situation of the affected. There should be no problem with conscious accident participants. In case of no contact with the victim, check if he/she is breathing, call an ambulance, and describe the exact event (what happened, where, and what the situation looks like). Remember what you were taught in führerschein erste hilfe kurs münchen

Life first, then health

Don’t be afraid that you might harm someone. If possible, get the victim out of the vehicle. If he/she is not breathing, perform CPR. Do not lose your vigilance even with conscious participants – try to calm them down and do not allow too much movement until an ambulance arrives. Landing victims often act on adrenaline, harming themselves unnecessarily. 

Assessment of the victim’s condition in an accident

  • Assess if the respiratory tract is clear, if not, try to open it as recommended in erste hilfe kurs münchen für führerschein.
  • Checking breath. Try to count how many breaths per minute. If he is not breathing, start CPR immediately.
  • Check that the participant in the accident is not bleeding. If so, stop the bleeding. Try to take care of the thermal comfort of the injured person. 
  • Estimate the state of consciousness by asking him a set of SAMPLE questions.

A set of questions for victims of a car accident

  • Try to find out what happened, ask about your ailments, what hurts the most, and where.
  • Ask about allergies and intolerances.
  • Determine whether the injured person is taking any medications permanently. If so, write what.
  • Ask the casualty about chronic diseases.
  • Schedule the time of the last meal.
  • Try to ask the person who suffered the accident if they remember the circumstances of the accident.

If you have not completed erste hilfe kurs münchen kostenlos, you will not be able to provide prompt assistance. Above all, don’t get carried away by your emotions and collective responsibility.