AHA ACLS Renewal – Keeping Your ACLS Certification Current

The American Heart Association AKA the AHA has set out specific guidelines for carrying out Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) when dealing with patients with cardio related illnesses.  This helps ensure they are given the correct therapy.  Every two years, ACLS certified practitioners are required to undertake AHA ACLS Renewal training to keep their certification current.

Several organizations offer this type of advanced CPR training for ACLS accreditation.  The American Heart Association’s ACLS program is one of these.  The Red Cross runs a similar program.  However, the American Heart Association sets out the rules and guidelines by which all these courses and certifications are run.

It is recommended that all health care professionals, from doctors and nurses to emergency responders, undertake ACLS training and certification, even if they don’t necessarily deal with cardiovascular cases on a regular basis.  This equips them with the expertise to carry out advanced CPR should they need to, and also trains them to work as a team and communicate effectively whilst dealing with a CPR event.

Once they have completed all components of the course, students will be certified AHA ACLS practitioners, and will be correctly trained to administer ACLS.

AHA ACLS Certification And ACLS Recertification Courses Matter

The increasing uptake of the AHA ACLS course, and the related ACLS recertification courses, indicates a growing awareness that treating cardiovascular patients correctly is fundamental in producing better outcomes for those with cardiovascular disease.  Essentially, ACLS helps reduce the rate of strokes with a corresponding reduction in the number of stroke related fatalities.

AHA ACLS courses and AHA ACLS Renewal training focuses on advanced medical techniques that are successful in reducing strokes.  The proven premise is that applying effective ACLS early enough significantly improves the outcome for the patient.

Those who undertake this training are provided with a comprehensive set of guidelines around the latest healthcare advances in this area.  This ensures they are up to date with all the current medical information.  Research and advances in medicine and healthcare happen almost continuously so regular AHA ACLS recertification is a necessity rather than an option for those in this field of health care.

Who Can Do AHA ACLS Certification And Recertification Courses?

Although AHA ACLS courses are open to anyone who has the requisite knowledge, certification is generally only available for medical professionals and emergency health workers.  The course material assumes a certain level of medical knowledge and proficiency that these professionals have, and which a layperson probably won’t have.  They also have experience with the type of equipment used in medical emergencies.

Finding An Accredited Online AHA ACLS Renewal Course

If you are an emergency responder or health care professional looking for ACLS recertification courses, the American Heart Association (AHA) offers two methods of AHA ACLS renewal: online and in-person.  The online AHA ACLS renewal course is a blended self-paced, web-based program that provides you with the convenience of completing the course at your convenience, with a hands-on classroom component.  The in-person course is a hands-on skills session led by an AHA instructor.  Find the course that works best for you and get started today.