The advantages and disadvantages of internationalization in education – How does it affect you as a student?

internationalization in education

Society becomes more and more globally oriented. Also in education, internationalisation becomes more prominent. Due to the internationalization in education, students have the opportunity to interact with people from other cultures and countries and develop international skills. However, internationalisation also has some disadvantages. Student are also obligated to speak a foreign  language and write and read books and articles in another language which may create a barrier for some people. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of internationalisation in education and how this development affects you as a student.

International labour market

Internationalisation in education has certain benefits to it. By working together with international students you develop skills that are important in your future career. That’s because not only education but also the labour market becomes more internationally oriented. Therefore you be one step ahead if you already learned to work together with people from different nationalities. For example, you foster intercultural skills and become more experienced in interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds.

International network

By meeting students, professors and teachers from different countries you also build up an international network. This has benefits for you, especially when you aspire to work abroad.

Language barriers

There are also certain barriers one may encounter while studying in an international environment. Language is one of them. Especially when you struggle with writing and reading in English it becomes harder to perform well during your study period. Literature is often presented in English and it is mandatory to write or translate documents into English.

Help during your study

To overcome these language obstacles you can get help from a professional. For instance a translation agency can help you with translating your thesis, reports or other study related documents. Because these document translations are complex and full of slang it is important to pick an agency that is specialised in performing educational translations in your field of expertise. This way you will not be judged language skills and have a chance of a better result.