5 Ways to Improve Productivity Using the Extramarks App!

As technology continues to advance, traditional teaching methods are also changing. Today, students can learn without the need to buy learning materials or be in a physical classroom. At the same time, teachers have the opportunity to increase their productivity by handling different tasks efficiently. Tasks like recording daily attendance, managing student performance, assigning homework, and maintaining exam schedules have never been this easy. Therefore, whether you are an online tutor or teach in a physical school, a teachers app can be the best tool. Here is how you can improve productivity using a teachers app.

  • Unified Communication

A teachers app improves communication between the teacher and the students. With the app, you can seamlessly communicate with your students and their parents. This way, developing a holistic approach to helping your students is easy. It isn’t easy to collect all the data you need from the student and then send it to the parent. Therefore, the teachers app will allow you to collaborate with parents and discuss crucial matters.

  • Performance Evaluation

Another way you can increase your productivity is by evaluating every student’s performance. The app will help you monitor every student’s academics and scores. With better evaluation, developing strategies and accurate measures to improve your practice and teaching methods becomes easy. You will know where every student lies and how you can help them improve.

  • Managing Results and Exams

Recording the results of every student manually is tedious and prone to inaccuracy. However, it becomes easy to save marks and grades with reliable software. You can also record other details to help you understand the student’s progress. The teachers app allows you to share complete reports and provide the best feedback on areas the student needs to improve. It is also easy to set exam dates and communicate even during date changes.

  • Manage Live Classes and Recording Lectures

Part of online teaching is hosting live classes and recording lectures. Therefore, using a teachers app allows you to hold live courses easily. Furthermore, you have an excellent platform for recording lectures and distributing them to your students for better learning. This gives your students more time to study. It is also easy to share assignment details so students can work on them and submit them. You also get notifications when students submit their assignments. This way, you can go through them to understand how much students know what you have taught.

  • Manage Attendance

Recording student attendance manually can also be tedious. However, with a teachers app, it is easier to record attendance and make any changes. You will know if all the students attend the classes and how many they have missed. This makes it easy for you to follow up on the students with the highest absenteeism. Furthermore, students who miss classes can quickly review the sessions’ records.


These are ways a teachers app can help increase productivity. You can feel confident about how you teach. Creating a positive environment for the students to learn better is also easy. So, look for a reliable teaching app to boost your effectiveness.