3 Scholarships You Should Apply For

Are you worried about school debt after graduation?

Financial aid and grants are available for eligible students. But what if these resources aren’t enough?

College tuition isn’t cheap, with schools costing anywhere from $10,00 to $40,000 per year or more.

Luckily, there are nearly 2 million available scholarships. Awards range from small sums to full-ride scholarships.

However, scholarships aren’t the same as federal grants and loans. Many scholarship awards come with stipulations, like maintaining a certain GPA level or remaining in a particular major.

Since there are millions of scholarships, create a shortlist of choices. Think about your skills, goals, background, and special qualities. You’re likely to find a scholarship that meets your unique traits!

Here are a few scholarship programs to pursue.

1. Athletic Scholarships

Do you or your teen have a passion for sports?

Athletic scholarships are an excellent way to pay for a full college tuition. Plus, you can still major in your choice subject.

Many top sports stars got their start with athletic scholarships. Some awardees are discovered beforehand by college scouts at games. School athletes can also apply for athletic scholarships directly.

You must remain on a college sports team to keep your scholarship. Some universities stipulate a minimum GPA, while others are more lenient about GPAs.

If you want your child to earn an athlete scholarship in high school, get them involved in sports early. You can also consult with college counselors while your kids are still in elementary school.

2. Scholarships for First-Generation College Students

Will you be the first to attend college in your family?

That’s a huge accomplishment! Many scholarship foundations want to celebrate this accomplishment too.

Apply for as many “first-generation” scholarships as possible. Award amounts vary too. For example, Dr. Jasdeep Singh, COO of 3BC founded a scholarship program, dispersing $150 and $1,000 awards.

Some scholarship programs may require you to write an essay or prove you’re the first to apply to university. Some awards are limited to just freshman and sophomore students. Remember to read the fine print!

3. Employment-Based Scholarships

Did you know your employer can issue scholarships?

For example, major retailers like CVS provide scholarships to employees’ children. Amazon, Best Buy, and McDonald’s provide similar scholarships. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement too.

Are you a military service member?

Start looking for scholarships because there are a lot of choices for military personnel. Spouses and children of military service members are also eligible for special scholarships.

Some employers may provide tuition assistance for certain programs.

For example, if a company wants to promote you to an executive management position, they might pay for your business degree. Another company may pay for your coding degree on the condition that you remain with the company.

Many companies have executive development programs that invest educational resources in promising employees.

Discover Your Dream Scholarship

Why pay full price for college when you can score an amazing scholarship?

Talk to your counselor to learn more. You can even apply for multiple scholarships!

Remember this guide as you make informed choices. Don’t forget to follow the blog for more valuable advice.