The Pros and Cons of Math Tuition Centres in Singapore

When students think of the word “maths”, it may evoke a sense of apprehension and anxiety. Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects for any student to learn. It is full of abstract reasoning, theories, and other concepts that may be difficult to wrap their minds around. The difficulty is why we even see primary students taking math tuition in Singapore.

Many of us might bemoan the memories that mathematics classes gave us, but in reality, our species would be nothing without mathematics. Mathematics is the fundamental building block of the universe. It is responsible for both arts and sciences. Maths gave us the wonders of modern architecture and the preciseness of our favourite art pieces. On the other hand, it is also responsible for creating the devices that we use every day, and also the safety we enjoy in artificial structures.

Mathematics might be the most influential invention that humankind has ever attained. The study of mathematics exists in different forms related to technology, engineering, business, medicine, and more. But because of the abstract nature of mathematics, many students take it for granted. They might grow frustrated with the subject and quit before solving other problems.

As a parent, you cannot overlook the difficulties your children may have regarding mathematics (or any other subject, for that matter). You should be looking for ways to aid your child to help them reach their full potential. While self-study sessions might sound adequate, you may want to look to math tuition in Singapore for your children.

What is a math tuition centre?

While a classroom setting is a learning environment many benefit from, some people do not do well with standardised learning methods. If your child is one of them, you need to look for alternatives. Mathematics is difficult to grasp, so self-study sessions can only do so much. Someone who has a tough time with abstract reasoning and concepts would not find this method ideal.

If you have exhausted all means of teaching your child, it is time to look elsewhere for assistance. You need a great teacher to help your kid focus on mathematics, especially if they are about to take important tests like the Primary School Leaving Exam (or PSLE for short). These needs are where a maths tuition centre might come in handy. You can hire a PSLE math tuition online in Singapore who can guide your children through tough maths concepts that may appear in the exam.

Therefore a maths tuition centre is a place that provides supplementary classes to students who need them. They can prepare them for future classes and let them practice in an environment that will not affect their academic performance. They can also choose the learning styles and courses that best suit them.

What are the pros and cons of going to a tuition centre?


If your child feels too challenged by the maths classes they are taking, a tuition centre may look like a great idea. But like other options, there are pros and cons to the choices you make. You might want to look into some of the most obvious advantages and disadvantages before arriving at a conclusion. Here are a few to consider.


1) Tuition centres allow students to study remotely

With the onset of COVID-19, the pandemic forced people to look for alternatives to face-to-face communication. One such replacement is in-person classes. Even now, with the ban on in-person classes lifted, you can still find many tuition centres that provide alternative options for remote or at-home learning. In Singapore, you can find math online tutoring for almost every topic and grade level you can think of.

2) You can choose the type of course or learning style you want your child to attend

Pay close attention to your child’s progress in different learning environments. Not every child will excel in a classroom session. Sometimes you can choose the type of classes they can take. For example, if they prefer one-on-one or small groups, some tuition centres offer that.

3) You can choose which mathematics subjects your child can take

For example, your child needs help with their PSLE. Choosing a PSLE math tutor at your tuition centre will help you get courses that prepare your child for a vital examination for their future.


1) Tuition centres cost money

This con should be a no-brainer. If you want your child to attend supplementary classes, you need to pay a hefty sum of money. This is especially true if the tuition centre you want your child to attend is a high-class one with state-of-the-art facilities. Be prepared to fork money over if

2) You are not guaranteed to find a good match for your tutor

If you want to send a child to a tutor, you cannot just dump them at the first tuition centre with great reviews. You should get a feel for the tutor who will teach your child and determine whether they are worth the money you spend on them. Primary math tuition in Singapore needs the best teachers, first and foremost.

3) Your child will have less time to focus on other subjects or extracurricular activities

Your child needs a holistic school life to become a functional and adaptable member of society. Try not to focus too much on academics and you will learn that they might start doing better in all aspects of their school life. Ensure that if you are enrolling your child in a tuition centre, they still have the time and energy to do other things they love.

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